Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Real Deal

Though our visit to the Salt Lake Temple grounds last week was certainly a highlight for our little boys, the anticipation of also 'riding the train' was every bit as great. Our tri-annual treks into Temple Square always include 'riding the train.' We're simple. We're cheap. It's what we do for a good time around here.

Our train destination was to take us to the 'Pipes' that Megan and Ellie had done their best to describe to Luke and Joshua for almost a month now. Each description and subsequent discussion would always end the same way. With me yelling, "Just stop. It's too hard to explain, one day you'll just have to see them. Quit asking about them and quit trying to describe them."

Of course, we had to take a detour first as per Mike's request. We walked around the Gallivan Plaza and came upon  the TACKIEST and most distasteful wedding reception I have ever seen. It was a Halloween Costume theme!!!!!!! Besides the fact it was September 30th and not even the Halloween month, who has a reception like that?!? This photo does not do the reception justice, but I was already so bothered by this poor bride's wedding, I couldn't bring myself to further disgrace her by taking photos for purely mocking purposes.

(But don't you love Ellie in the bottom corner of this photo absolutely mesmerized by the whole affair?)

Eventually we made it to the 'pipes'. Even though Luke asked for some further clarification and explanation of what they were just prior to our arrival. I immediately cut into the conversation and demanded he just wait and see.

The 'pipes' were a great hit. Excuse the pun. They were literally a BIG HIT. Our kids had the whole 'field of pipes' to themselves and what do they do? They bend them and bounce them RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. I think we had tears from at least two or three of the kids.

And so despite the 'reverence' and or 'seriousness' of part one of our Salt Lake Temple Square visit I described on Monday. This is just as much of our life.

Kids crying, a little contention, and believing the free ride on the Salt Lake light rail system constitutes as a 'train ride.'

Life is pretty simple around here.


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