Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Loonngg Drive

I've mentioned before, I love the fall. Last year it seemed the fall season came and went and I didn't enjoy the leaves as up close and personal as I was used to in years past. This year, I committed to Mike that we were going to take a family fall drive and enjoy them. Mike kept telling me they were now past their peak due to the snow and rain a couple of weekends ago. Every time Mike would say that, I would accuse him of  not having the desire for the seven of us in the car together for a sight-seeing tour high on his priority list.

Saturday came along, and I guess I won the Saturday scheduling duty.
Well sort of.

My shortish drive plans, seemed 'boring' to Mike, and so two hundred miles, a jumped-started battery, and seven tired and slightly cranky people later, we returned home.

After the kids had us practically convinced that they truly were going to die of starvation, we stopped at the coolest, quaintiest, charming old drug store grill in Kamas. Nothing like pure grease to put an end to hunger pangs.
After Mike drove us so far up the mountains, that we quickly passed the elevations of leaves in the glory I wanted to see them in (I love the reds the very most-but we ended up going far above the reds to just yellows and greens.) winter!

When we first announced our plans for a 'Fall Drive', Joshua asked what for, and I explained to see the fall leaves. As we backed out of the driveway Joshua asked, "Are we going to watch the leaves fall?"

"Well not really, oh never mind, just be quiet and enjoy the drive", was my quick reply.

Fortunately, there was a slight breeze in the canyon and Joshua cheerfully exclaimed (and noticed), "Oh look, there are some leaves falling."

Charged batteries were not on our side. The camera battery died, the second camera battery died. And our car battery died in the hamburger joint parking lot.

Between two dead camera batteries, and a dead car battery, we got very few photos and Mike spent most of the time in the running car so as not to be left stranded in some remote mountainous location.(Wait, how did he luck out to be the one staying in the car?)

But guess what? Even with bickering, arguing, wandering hands, and declarations of starvation and boredom, it was a pleasant, glorious outing.
It really was.
One of those outings where things just kind of go a little better than usual.

Except for missing out on my favorite kind of colors.
Thank goodness for the glorious reds in the mountains I can see from the my north facing windows.


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