Monday, October 10, 2011

The Longest Half Birthday

Bless Joshua's heart-it was a long day. From the minute he woke up exclaiming, "It's my birthday!" to the kids finally coming home from school so we could do his half cake and half present seemed like an eternity.
Half birthdays are supposed to be non-stress, but seriously, answering the question "When will the kids be home?" every five minutes for over seven hours, was not exactly non-stress.

(What exactly did I start with this half birthday thing? Drew's and Joshua's just ten days apart, and then in two days will be Megan's real birthday. Then in April when it is Joshua's real birthday, two days later is Megan's half birthday? Seriously? Don't I have enough stuff to do without half birthdays thrown in?!?)

I'm reconsidering the dollar store gift--this time around it only lasted five minutes (If that.)
Forget the non-non-stress day, hearing Joshua say in his bedtime prayer, "Bress I can be four and a half now" makes it all worth it.

Sort of.


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