Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Golden Days of Fall

I love the fall season. Every spring I say I love the spring, and I do, but I think my heart belongs more fully to Fall. And regardless of when school starts, or the leaves turn, or what an almanac says, October is the start of the fall season for me, and I love it all the way up to bedtime on Thanksgiving day. Then in my mind, winter begins.

I am amazed that we are as far into the year as we are. Last week Mike and I were trying to recall something that happened in March. For the life of us we couldn't remember the particular event like we needed to. February, March, and even April is all a big blur to us. All he can remember is laying in bed. All I can remember is him laying in bed.
But now we are into October. I LOVE this time of year. I love that my birthday is just 19 days away. I love that the days are getting shorter. I love the feeling in the air that everyone is getting ready to hunker down soon for the winter. I love the feeling of neglect that I can now give the weeds in my vegetable garden (actually, I think I've neglected them all year!). I love the reds, oranges and yellows in the mountains above my house. I love that I now have self-granted permission to make soups. I love the chance to pick every last home-grown tomato in my garden before we have to give way to store-bought ones for the months ahead.


And even though technically, it has been Fall for a couple of weeks now, the weather around here hasn't been genuine FALL weather. I think today that may all change.
And I can't wait!

Happy Fall!!


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