Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why I Don't Really Like Sundays...

Drew insisted on walking to church and in a kind gesture, I obliged. I walked to church with five children while Mike stayed home and had fifteen minutes quiet time before he met us at church. (His comment: "We really ought to have a car at church." screamed 'I want some peace and quiet away from you all.')

Upon taking our seats on the church pews, as is customary for Joshua, he laid down to take his Sunday nap. (He does not nap any other day!) Another family joined our bench and Joshua was forced to give up his sleeping prep position. By the time both families were fully situated, it was noticed that Joshua didn't even have a place to SIT let alone lay down. The lady behind us kindly let him lay down on the bench beside her.

He was brought into Primary 25 minutes late with a wrinkled shirt and bed head hair. On the bright side though, he hadn't 'wet the pew' like a few weeks previous. (!)

With a couple of hours of absolute free time after church, my children instead spend the entire afternoon hovering within inches of Mike and me.

Luke hooked an old horse lead rope to the back of Megan's pants in an attempt to give her a wedgie.

Ellie was asked to be the first to write on a card to send to the grandparents in Washington DC. She took it upon herself to take up all the space and acted extremely put out when I insisited the other kids get to write their own name.

Mike laid on the floor for the better part of an hour convincing one kid or another to scratch his back.

Megan and Ellie chose to fight over a Princess Storybook that I would have thought was far beyond an almost thirteen year old's reading interest.

Due to a 1:00pm-4:00pm church schedule, Drew took no nap. Enough said.

Megan and Luke began to get a little too hyper and spent a good fifteen minutes or so winding Joshua up.
Ellie sat on the couch good as gold oblivious to the wildness occurring across the room.
Somehow Mike's 'grabber' from the post-surgery-can't-bend-over-days appeared and Drew grabbed nearly every toy from the toy cupboard to carry across the room to deposit at Mike's side.

Surprise! Megan and Luke's wildness resulted in somebody crying.
Someone had the bright idea that our Family Council meeting would miraculously calm everyone down. Two children were asked to leave the room before we were half way done and the another was in tears because they weren't asked to say the prayer.

Drew oblivious to wildness, Family Council or naughty siblings continued to concentrate as he emptied the toy cupboard.

Mike made the mistake of getting down on the floor, and the mayhem escalated exponentially.

Sunday a day of rest?
Whatever, roll on Monday when more than half of these people will be GONE for the day!


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